• thomas William posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi – I am one of the creators of Dating Virgins.
    I wanted to check in with you – how’s it going on here?

    • There’s not much to do on the site yet. Hopefully, it’ll be more user-friendly.

    • Hi would it be possible to add a region filter as well? I do not want to talk with a person that is not even in the same country 🙁

    • Hi! It looks like not many people know this site. I’ve been here for two days already and nobody has contacted me yet. What should I do?

    • Hi, the platform is good. Lot of virgins selling their virginity over here too. But we are not meeting any clients. It would be best if you do more Marketing of this platform and get few clients. You can charge commission/ rent on successful deal from both parties. But please market/advertise the platform. We are waiting.

    • I see that the site is good but it should help us to promote the virginity or share our publications in more used pages and so we sell it faster or you can make the appointments make possible the sale of the virginity ….. For example, I am willing to pay you 10% just for getting a client who buys my virginity. I live in Ecuador.

    • Dude what kind of website is this crap?
      I was signing up because I thought this was a good way to find another virgin like myself to date and have a courtship and one day marry and loose and find another virgin until we get MARRIED

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